About me - Chad Lue Choy Photography

I am lucky enough to make photographs for a living.

Some of my work was recently featured in the curated collective photography exhibition “Art of the Image” at CHI Studio in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about shredding any of them at the time. Through my images, I have helped to tell the stories of amazing companies such as Starbucks Trinidad & Tobago, N9 Dance Company, Massey Technologies, Spirit Academy Trinidad and Tobago and Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra. Some of my photographs have also appeared in MACO magazine, The Intellectual and HSE Quarterly.

A long time ago I graduated as an electrical engineer. Before taking the crazy idea to follow my passion for photography, I worked in design and manufacturing for over 20 years on things like researching solar panels, designing better lighting fixtures and blowing up LED lightbulbs. I guess in one way or another I’ve always been working with light.

I’ve been turning off the tap while brushing my teeth since the 80’s and actively support sustainability through my work with the Trinidad & Tobago Green Building Council. I can cook a mean risotto, once drove coast to coast across North America solo and hope to leave the world in a better place than I found it.

Most of my work has been based in Trinidad but I travel well and can say hello in at least five different languages. Contact me to help tell your story and bring your next project to life.


+1 868 681 2855

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